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EMAS Tool Kit for Small Organisations

Web Tools - EMAS Tool Kit for Small Organisations

The EMAS toolkit for SMEs brings together tools which have been developed, tried and tested with and by SMEs, newly-developed tools and examples, and case studies of SMEs that had already established an environmental management system.

The first EMAS Tool Kit for SMEs in 1998 was the result of co-operation among INEM organisations from Western and Central and Eastern Europe with experience with both small and medium-sized enterprises and environmental management.

In keeping with the principle of continual improvement, INEM and Eco-Counselling Enterprise have upgraded and expanded the EMAS Toolkit for SMEs in 2004 to cover the scope of the new EMAS regulation. This expansion in scope of EMAS is reflected by the new name: EMAS Toolkit for Small Organisations.

Link to the EMAS Toolkit for Small Organisations