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Environmental Statement and/or Environmental Report Checklist

You can use the following checklist to analyse the completeness and quality of environmental reports or statements. Enter a point value for each element according the the following key:

    5 points: Exemplary description
    3 points: Good description
    1 point: Unsatisfactory description
    0 points: Not given


Individual Elements

A.1 General site/company information Points
A.1.1 Financial information, number of employees, products/product groups, production processes
A.1.2 History of environmental protection in the company

Weighting factor: 5
A.2 Environmental policy/guidelines
A.2.1 Statement from management
A.2.2 Environmental guidelines/principles

Weighting factor: 5
A.3 Environmental Management System
A.3.1 Overview/organigram, responsibilities for environmental management
A.3.2 Information, involvement and training of employees

Weighting factor: 5
A.4 Site-specific information on material and energy flows
A.4.1 Information on main material and energy flows
A.4.2 Systematic review and presentation of inputs and outputs
A.4.3 Description of data collection methods and scope

Weighting factor: 10
A.5 Environmental features of products and services
A.5.1 Overview of products/services
A.5.2 Treatment of significant aspects of product life cycle
A.5.3 Presentation of significant aspects of product development

Weighting factor: 15
A.6 Analysis and evaluation of environmental problem areas
A.6.1 Comparison with legal obligations, reference to and analysis of accidents and environmental fines
A.6.2 Comparison over time and analysis of trends and developments
A.6.3 Use of environmental indicators
A.6.4 Other qualitative evaluation of data

Weighting factor:10
A.7 Environmental programme and objectives
A.7.1 Realisation of objectives over time period to which report refers
A.7.2 Description of objectives
A.7.3 Description of measures

Weighting factor: 15
A.8 Economic aspects of environmental protection
A.8.1 Expenditure and savings
A.8.2 Evaluation of market situation and potential

Weighting factor: 5
A.9 Communication with target groups
A.9.1 Presentation of past and future activities with target groups
A.9.2 Company address, contact person, request for feedback
A.9.3 Offer of further information and cross reference

Weighting factor: 5



Overall quality of content

B.1 Credibility Points
B.1.1 Audits
B.1.2 Statement from/recognition of external party
B.1.3 Reference to unsolved problems

Weighting factor: 5
B.2 Relevance and clarity
B.2.1 Focus on important quantitative and qualitative aspects
B.2.2 Comprehensibility of information
B.2.3 Clarity and easy-to-follow presentation and structure

Weighting factor: 5
B.3 Continuity and comparability
B.3.1 Continuity of report structure, data and evaluation methods
B.3.2 Comparability over time and within specific sector

Weighting factor: 5



Quality of communication

C.1 Text/language Points
C.1.1 Information value of headings
C.1.2 Lively style
C.1.3 Quick overview of content

Weighting factor: 5
C.2 Visual design
C.2.1 General attractiveness
C.2.2 Quality of pictures
C.2.3 Quality of graphs
C.2.4 Typography

Weighting factor: 5


Overall evaluation

Max. possible
A. Individual elements
375 points
B. Overall quality of content
75 points
C. Quality of communication
50 points
500 points