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EMAS Easy Capacity Building of 25 local consultants in the new Member States

In the framework of the EU-funded project, EMAS Capacity Building in the new Member States, Eco-Counselling Entreprise scrl and INEM members have carried an 18 months project aimed at training 25 consultants of 5 new Member States to the EMAS easy methodology and support them in their implementation of EMAS in 50 Small and Medium Entreprises (SMEs).

The aim of the project is to provide support to the implementation of the EMAS Regulation in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Hungary by promoting the EU EMAS Scheme and building capacity for the application of the EMAS. The project provides support in terms of practical capacity building of EMAS implementation in these new Member States in particular regarding small and medium sized organisations and enterprises (SMEs).

Objectives of the project

1. To foster capacity building in the new Member States, especially for the promotion of EMAS Scheme towards small and medium organisations and enterprises, and to create an effective engagement of these type of organisations in implementing EMAS.
2. Build capacity within the environmental expert community for the implementation of lightly documented and innovative EMAS applications such us ecomapping/EMAS Easy.
3. Demonstrate the feasibility and relevance of the application of the EMAS Regulation in small and medium organisations and enterprises.
4. Promote founding a regional network of EMAS information and knowledge in the selected Member States.


To fulfill the objectives, in every participating country will be carried out the  pilot projects for implementing environmental management system according to the requirements of EU EMAS regulation in small and medium size enterprises (with less than 50 workers). Environmental management system will be implemented according to EMAS Easy methodology. This methodology allows SMEs to implement EMS in a smart and cost effective way. It is based on ecomapping, which is proven, easy, creative and visual tool for “scanning” environmental aspects of the company. The methodology will reduce the burden of paperwork and external costs. Additional features have been introduced to ecomapping to be in conformance with requirements of ISO 14001 and EMAS, it also contains the smallest compliant EMAS environmental reporting template worldwide.

The underlying principles of the project execution are:
· focusing on individual efforts by each company but collective approach;
· learning by doing and empowering people – focus more on action and not on paper;
· informal procedures, light documentation and micro-reports;
· adapt proven concepts from baseline assessments like Ecomapping to real EMAS.   

Expected outcome of the project will be 2-3 EMAS registered organizations in every participating country by the end of year 2005.
Further information will be posted after March 2006 for the final outcome of the project.

Here is a list of the first SMEs to have completed their Environmental Review

AS Kalvi Mõis (timberpellets and heat energy production) 
OÜ Kaavere Agro (agriculture) 
Torma POÜ (agriculture) 
Eesti Metall OÜ (collection, recycling and selling of scrap metal) 
AS EcoPro (treatment of hazardous waste) 
AS Taalri Varahaldus (supervision of road maintenance works) 
Veskimeister OÜ (production of animal food) 
Kikas Kaubandus (production of meat products) 
OÜ Agro (pig farming and growing grain crops)
Oru Talu (pig farming)
Tiku Talu (FIE Tiina Parkja agriculture) 
ETS Nord AS (production and selling of construction materials)
Tallinna Trammi- ja Trollibussikoondise AS (public transport) 
Keskkonnaministeeriumi (env. Administration)
Langham OÜ (mining and packaging of peat)
OÜ Adelan Prügiveod (waste transport)
SEI-Tallinn (Environmental Center)

Coordination of the Project

Heinz-Werner Engel
Executive Director
Eco-Conseil Entreprise scrl / INEM Brussels office
35 Rue van Elewijck
1050 Brussels
Tel.: +32-2-644-9669
Fax: +32-2-644-9420