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Mission statement

1. Identity

  • The International Network for Environmental Management (INEM) protects the environment by promoting sustainable development and environmental management world-wide.
  • INEM is a registered non-governmental, non-profit, international organisation (NGO).


2. We Believe 

  • Biodiversity and cultural diversity should be conserved, and the dignity of life should be respected.
  • The earth's resources are limited, and business and industry can and must play a decisive role in conserving them and in protecting our natural environment.
  • Environmental management enables companies to improve both their environmental and economic performance.
  • Environmental management should be embedded in every company's business ethics and its corporate goals. Companies should become good corporate citizens by implementing measures that are environmentally sound, economically viable and socially responsible.
  • Providing assistance for self-help is the most effective means of support.
  • Larger companies and organisations should help smaller ones.


3. Members

  • INEM is a world-wide membership federation. Its main actors are national business associations for environmental management, whose members are mainly companies.
  • INEM also welcomes organisations supporting the protection of the environment and persons with outstanding environmental achievements to join the network as "affiliated" or "honorary" members.


4. Goals

  • Help strengthen existing and establish new national associations and thus increase the number of environmentally oriented companies world-wide.
  • Assist in particular small and medium-sized enterprises in implementing environmental management.
  • Improve the quality of environmental management.
  • Transfer environmental management know-how from business and industry to other sectors of society.
  • Help develop a macro-economic framework that favours environmentally managed companies. 


5. Activities

  • Supports and promotes networking among its members.
  • Acts as a clearinghouse for methods and instruments of environmental management, environmental best practice,
    training and environmental business opportunities.
  • Organises and co-ordinates conferences, seminars, experience exchanges, training and know-how transfer.
  • Publishes case studies, guidelines, tools, manuals, reports, a newsletter, conference proceedings and articles. INEM also facilitates translations of such publications.
  • Participates in international decision-making processes.
  • Provides management and marketing services.


6. Funding

  • INEM is funded through membership fees, grants, sponsorships, donations and projects.
  • INEM uses transparent accounting methods and is accountable to its Board of Trustees and members.