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INEM is holding events with relevance to environmental issues or sustainability. As these might be of interest to our readers, we have listed the events below and provide a link to the associated website. Inclusion in the list does not imply that INEM sponsors the event.

If you are interested in listing your event here, you must be a registered INEM Organisational Stakeholder. Please let us know of your event by sending an e-mail to


Generations Ageing Together

09 - 11 July 2012, Staffordshire, England
Join this conference on intergenerational solidarity. The European Mapping of Intergenerational Learning (EMIL) network commits to organising together with the International Consortium for Intergenerational Programmes (ICIP) the conference 'Generations Ageing Together'… Event details


Celebrating diversity: The 8th World Congress on Active Ageing

13 - 17 August 2012, Glasgow , Scotland
Held every 4 years, the 8th World Congress on Active Ageing in August of 2012 in the City of Glasgow, Scotland. This showcase event will take place over 5 days in the prestigious Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre adjacent to the historic River Clyde…Event details


The 8th World Congress on Active Ageing

13 - 17 August 2012, Glasgow, Scotland
This world congress will celebrate the diversity of ageing, the benefits and availability of physical activity Source: www.csreurope.orgon the oldest and frailest population… Event details