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Membership fees

Membership categories are described in Membership Information.

1. Full Members

Full Members pay a percentage of their declared national membership fees as shown in their annual financial reports. The percentage is recommended by the Board of Trustees to the General Members Meeting and approved by voting. For 1999 3% fees were approved. In any case a fixed minimum fee of Euro 1,000 (or the equivalent in another currency) has to be paid to INEM to maintain Full Member status. This fee also allows members of Full Members to access INEM´s services. The fee serves to cover part of INEM´s operational cost. It should be in the interest of the Full Members to support INEM in its international endeavours of networking, which in return benefit the national members.

Requests for amendments of Full Membership fees must reach INEM in writing with applicable justifications, and will be handled on a case-by-case basis. The fixed minimum Full Member fee is not negotiable.


2. Affiliated Members

Affiliated Members pay a set annual fee to access all INEM´s services and network. The fee is set by INEM and approved by its Board of Trustees. 

Categories of Affiliated Members and their fees are as follows (these may be changed by INEM with prior notice). The currency mentioned hereunder is indicative and its equivalent can be paid in other currencies upon co-ordination with INEM: 

Category Minimum Maximum
1. Individual non-governmental, non-profit organisations

450 €

650 €

2. Membership associations or federations (NGOs or for-profit)

1.000 €

2.000 €

3. Universities, other academic and educational institutions

500 €

800 €

4. Students and trainees

200 €

5. Commercial companies*

Small (up to 10 persons)

500 €

500 €

Medium (10 -100 persons)

2.200 €

4.500 €

Large (more than 100 persons)

4.500 €

10.000 €

6. Governments, Ministries, Official Organisations

 on request

7. Individual consultants*

500 €

900 €

8. Retired professionals*

200 €

* Membership in a national Full Member is recommended

3. Administration

Upon the positive decision of the Board of Trustees to accept the applicant to the relevant membership, a contract and an invoice will be issued by INEM. The membership dues must be paid within the time limit set by INEM. 

A membership certificate will be issued by INEM and the member may use the INEM logo on stationery. The member will receive instructions on how to access all INEM networking facilities.
For more informations please contact us!